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Why Short From Video Marketing Might Be The Way To Go In The New Year

Utilizing video marketing, in general, is nothing new. But with the changes in the way people consume videos online, its popularity has grown significantly.

Studies show that 75 million people watch online videos every day. And that is in the United States alone.

Click-through rate of emails with “video” in their subject line has also increased by 13%. This shows that integrating videos has resurrected email marketing in a big way. A company struggling with direct marketing through emails could rely on videos to boost their reach and consumer response.

It is important to remember, however, that not all videos will serve the best purposes of video marketing. According to statistics, the videos that get the most engagement are only about 2 minutes long.

Clearly, short-form video marketing is the way to go in the upcoming New Year.

If you can further shorten the videos to 6 seconds, your video ads will have a bigger and better consumer engagement.

Why Short Form Video Marketing Is the Next Best Thing


Different channels have different rules and requirements in terms of content that will be posted. Social media sites like Instagram or Snapchat, for example, only accept shorter videos. Facebook, on the other hand, has a limited video file size.

This means keeping your marketing videos short or in a 6-second format will enable you to use it across different platforms. The more channels you use the more people you reach.

This proves advantageous from a marketing standpoint, especially when your target audience is diverse and is present on different platforms.

Uploadable Almost Anywhere

Short videos can be posted cross-platforms, including those that allow for longer video content. It is up to you to extend your video marketing ad. But even if you choose not to, you will be able to use it for marketing purposes.

Suffice to say that the restrictions you encounter with short-form videos are much fewer than the long-form ones. Uploading is also much faster with a lower demand for bandwidth.

Better for Shorter Attention Spans

It is a fact that the human attention span is getting shorter. It is in fact becoming much shorter thanks in part to an always-connected world with social media and hyperlinks. Studies show that attention span is now closer to 8 seconds.

Some experts, however, say that attention span varies depending on the task at hand. A person is likely to spend more time on something they are interested in doing or reading and less on those that are not.

Whatever is the case, short-form video marketing will work on an audience with varying attention spans.

Appeal to Younger Audiences

Is your target market in the younger spectrum? Do you want your brand to appeal to a diverse range of people? If so, you need to craft your video marketing strategy such that it will be memorable and impactful to your target market. This means videos in bite-size content.

Longer Brand Story

Do you think only long-form ads can better tell your brand story? What if you segment it into shorter videos that will come together as long-form content?

Break down a 2-minute video into 6-second formats, show one every day, and your consumers will have multiple engagement points. You have to admit this strategy will keep your target market coming back for more to watch the full series, and again, you’re able to upload those videos to multiple outlets. Contact SIGNPROgrammers today for more information on your LED Sign Graphics.



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