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If your sign isn’t getting 12-15% ROI, maybe you should give this a try.

Your LED electronic sign was an expensive decision so you could market in the front of your business.  You expect great returns. Or you lose money.

A great sign with mediocre content may make you feel the sign was not a good investment. Purchasing sign content that speaks to those driving by is the final piece of the signage purchase. It is like having a nice tv and not plugging it in to cable or satellite. You won’t get good reception!

Unless you have a marketing and graphics background, the sign could end up costing you sales. We get calls every day, stating the sign is not living up to its expectations. With professional content you will immediately realize the best return on your investment by using your sign as the main tool for your advertising – right where the traffic is.

Ask yourself these questions:

Q: How much time do you take to program your sign?

Q: Is the time you spend working on your content paying off in in new business?

Q: What does it cost you out of your own time with family and friend by doing it yourself? (Is it then still “free”?).

Q: Are you giving up what would be free time to program your sign, now that you own a sign?

Q: How much would you pay if you billed yourself those hours? (Bet it’s more than we charge!).

Q: Are you tired of coming up with new ideas?

Your sign is the best tool for immediate results, our dedicated team has proven it time and time again.

Call now to see how easy it will be for you to get your sign paying for itself, freeing up your time so you can do what you do best.

“Since 1999 understanding sign content strategies has been our core strength.
Realizing content on LED signs display much differently than on computer monitor, SIGNPROgrammers Inc. has earned their reputation as a leader in the industry.”

  • Led digital sign and billboard programming service.
  • Custom content creation for all digital signage.
  • Billboard content management.
  • Sign software training and support.
  • Animated renderings for sales presentations
  • Indoor digital signs and kiosks and plasmas.
  • Creating amazing unexpected sign content on led signs since 1999.
  • Working knowledge of all sign software.
  • Support staff to troubleshoot your sign so you don’t have to
  • Diagnose problems even when manufacturer’s support can’t (or won’t) figure out.
  • Skilled in making led graphics work on the smallest of signs for maximum return
  • We love to here “You guys are Awesome” – it is what makes us tick!

Understanding how color usage, fonts choices and effects make a sign easy to view vs. harsh and too busy.

The sign editor program that came with your sign does not teach you color theory for l.e.d. signs, and many times, the wrong color combinations, paired with too small text or overly flashy effects can hurt your professional image by making your company seem well, cheesy.  Probably not the result you anticipated when you purchased your sign.

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