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How To Create Effective Led Sign Animations

Effective led sign Animation - signs and billboards

Despite the major shift in online digital marketing, signs and billboards still remain a vital piece in a business’ overall marketing campaign. This is especially true for companies whose target audience isn’t solely online. Certain traditional media are more useful now than ever, and are also evolving with the use of LED sign animations.

Outdoor signage, in particular, has the power to bring in new customers.

Statistics show that 59% of new clients find a business through on premise signs. And businesses without one lose potential clients, because 35% of passersby won’t know them without outdoor LED sign advertising.

Studies also show that adding or changing a sign has a direct impact on sales revenue, especially in the fast food and retail industries.

Fast Food

  • 15.6% increase when a large pole sign was added
  • 9.3% increase when one monument sign was added 


  • 8.9% increase when two new directional signs were added
  • 8.6% increase when a large pole sign was added
  • 7.7% increase when a chain identity was added to a plaza sign identity
  • 7.7% increase when a storefront wall sign was replaced with a larger sign.

Clearly, programmable custom led signs remain a vital tool in a business’ overall marketing campaign.

How effective it is, however, will depend on how it is created. Done right, you can increase new business potential by 50 to 60 times per month since that’s the number of times people potentially see your sign.

How to Make Effective LED Sign Animations

Keep it simple yet informative.

There are countless ways you can go about programming an LED sign, but a key focus is simple and informative.

Consider how much time a person has to read a sign when driving to school or work. They’re likely to spare a few seconds or so before driving past and away from it. This is why custom LED signs must be short but informative.

The text must be arranged and designed according to importance as well.

When creating a sign for an event, for example, there should be the main title, followed by information with secondary importance, low importance, and low priority. Use different fonts for different lines.

Deconstructing LED Sign Animations Main Title:

  • Best describes the event
  • Should be written in Bold and Upper Case
  • Must use a color more noticeable than the rest
Secondary Importance Information:
  • Written bold but not upper case
  • Font size is smaller in size than the main title
Low Priority Information:
  • Written similarly to the secondary importance information
  • Font size is smaller than that of the secondary importance information
  • Often used to display a website address/URL

Note: No need to include ‘www’ when adding the website URL. 

Low Importance Information:
  • Written with the smallest font among all the text
  • Observe proper capitalization

Remember not to get carried away with colors and risk ending up with a busy sign that is too hard to read. This defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to achieve.

There are plenty of other factors you must consider when creating LED sign animations, such as the image and graphics to use, but it all comes down to readability. The signs you use must be easy to read up close or from a distance. Contact SIGNProgrammers today for more information!



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