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Benefits Of Changing Your Digital Led Sign Often

It’s a given that custom LED signs are more attractive than a static billboard sign at getting attention from potential customers. Its flexibility and durability make it even more practical for businesses in making their marketing strategies effective.

Some business owners take it upon themselves to change the content of their custom LED signs from their computer, but how often should you do so? Well, the simple answer would be as often as you need to. But why might you want to change your custom LED signs often?

Promoting an Event or Unique Special Offer

People these days get more excited with new things so you have to be unpredictable with your LED sign content. Steer clear from the boring and usual routine such as banks offering free checking, car dealers selling used cars and hotels promoting clean rooms.

Don’t just blend in and use the clip art that came with your sign and don’t use canned holiday graphics. Everyone is doing that and you’re just wasting precious advertising.

Promoting a Sale

Go down the street on Memorial Day and all signs have the exact same holiday message. Again, that’s wasted opportunity to tell traffic why they need you.

Let’s face it, not one person will buy from you for wishing them a Happy Holiday. Instead, incorporate your message with a holiday theme or a special event that’s being celebrated.

Custom LED Signs from SIGNPROgrammers

Don’t use flash or scroll LED sign graphics as they’re annoying and hard to read. These practices give signs a bad name. Leave out cheesy graphics! Instead, give them the thrill of the unexpected and pretty soon everybody will be looking out for your next LED sign animations!

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