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Marketing for Dental Office Signs

Compared to traditional media, 83% of people are able to recall digital signage seen once on a digital billboard within the past 30 days.

Once. And people remember it more than posters and flyers.

When it comes to advertising, brand recall is just as important as brand recognition and awareness. This is especially true for outdoor signs that most people often see only in passing or while driving by.

This only shows that advertising with dentist LED signs are sure to work to your dental practice’s advantage.

Not convinced yet?

Sign Research: Dental Office Signs

Research showed that 400% more views are captured by digital displays than static displays.

8 out of 10 customers also made a decision to visit a store because of a sign that draws attention.

Considering that dentist LED signs can be programmed in a way that are moving and interesting, your dental practice is sure to benefit from them.

Take it from a dental clinic in Westland, Michigan that experienced an increase in clients and new patients after an LED message center was installed.

They had used a variety of advertising methods for the past seven years to gain new patients. From referrals to posting on social media sites, they’ve done them all.

But even with the practice strategically located on a major thoroughfare and near a busy shopping center, it was still not getting the results it needed.

The problem was partly due to the visual competition in the area that drowned its static sign and made it hard to see and distinguish.

It wasn’t until they noticed how attractive LED signs were with other businesses that they decided to give it a try.

It turned out to be a great investment!

Increases After Sign Install

Since the LED sign was installed in 2014, the dental practice has experienced:

  • 25% increase in new patients within the first month
  • Nearly 50% increase after four months

The jump is an estimated $100,000 increase in the dental practice’s bottom line.

The practice has then since switched to a bigger, brighter, and taller sign.

You can enjoy the same benefits if you take advantage of dentist LED signs to advertise your business. Boost brand recall and client base with this particular advertising tool.

Dentist Office Sign using LED Sign Guidelines

To maximize leads and profits, keep the following rules in mind in using an LED sign:
  • Place it at the right height so it is easily visible.
  • Choose one with the right size to make it legible.
  • Ensure that content is aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, and relevant.
  • Make sure it is always on and without the need for a constant manual reboot.
  • Choose commercial grade LED signs that are built durable, highly visible, and weather-resistant

Call SIGNPROgrammers today for dentist LED signs that meet all the critical criteria.



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