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A digital sign is only as good as the content that you program the led sign software for.  The content is the reason for purchasing a sign. Why skimp after all that money was spent on a valuable, the most valuable marketing tool you have?

One Hundred percent advertising in front of your business. No social media can get that attention to your business. If you have questions about programming, call or contact us and we can help you in various ways, from training to online classes and just giving you a tip on the phone.

Marketing Success

To realize the marketing success that you expect from your sign there are many things that you will need to address such as:

QUALITY: How much different is a professional-looking ad vs. a DIY ad? Does it matter if my ad is ok?  Are you just having fun playing with sign or are you serious about utilizing it to its potential? While a cute graphic saying “drive safe” seems nice and community friendly- it may have just cost you a lot of money to it have it not produce results.

Everything your company does is toward your bottom line.  It seems not utilizing your expensive investment in a digital electronic led sign makes it a very expensive toy. I get it, you don’t want to pay anymore.  The sign was an expensive decision. But not utilizing the potential of the sign, your digital sign becomes more expensive by using it as a time/temp display or a board with typical canned holiday art.  Factor in the amount of time used to put the empty resulted graphic on the sign  –  not free after all.

Questions to ask about your digital sign


How long can I play an ad before people stop looking at it?


How many seconds should my ad play?  What is the best time of day? Do you have several schedule entries for the time of day? Morning, Afternoon, Evening?  Most sign software comes with advanced scheduling features. You need to learn the best way to use it so the sign software can put messages on and off so sign does not get boring or dated items come off as soon as they expire.

Sign Tips

Use your sign software to get maximum results. Is your sign software hard to program? We can train you.  Sign up for our online classes and get signed up for our Sign Tips delivered to give you little tips on using your led sign software.

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