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Auto dealers, dentists, furniture and/or appliance stores, and even the ubiquitous McDonalds can further improve their presence and grow their revenues using an LED sign graphics download. Digital sign content is indeed the sign of the times and there’s no end to creativity to get your sign where it should be.

What makes an electronic LED sign graphics download useful for business are two things:

  • Content for anything that is relevant to the business and its customers.
  • Location for these LED boards can be outside and/or on the premises.

For McDonalds and restaurants, menus, food being served, coupon codes, the employee of the month, and trivia about the owners and the establishment look great on screen.

While waiting for their appointment at the dentist’s chair, patients can appreciate what others have to say about the practice through testimonials.

Auto dealers and furniture makers rely heavily on the look of their signs for them to sell, and pictures of new cars or chairs can easily be done with an LED sign graphics download. Car washes can count on digital boards to advertise discounted rates for loyal customers.

For anything else, signs leading to the washroom, the emergency exit, business hours, holidays, and Wi-Fi connectivity are clearly appreciated within the premises. Don’t forget contest mechanics, coupon codes, and social media buttons for your next digital sign content.

For fresh ideas on your customized and creative digital sign content, contact SignPROgrammers today.



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