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Increase Ad Impression And Success With Auto Dealers Led Signs

With car dealers just a few blocks from each other, they need to come up with clever ways to attract the attention of visitors and potential clients. How else can they make a sale if they lack quality marketing efforts? One of the best ways to do this is to use auto dealers LED signs where they can effectively communicate and advertise outdoors.

With the ability to digitally program signs, auto dealers have much more freedom in sending promotional messages to potential clients.

How Auto Dealers LED Signs Work Best

Increase Ad Impression

Compared to traditional advertising media, outdoor digital signage has been known to deliver a cost-effective rate per impression. Studies show that more and more Americans are seeing digital video display ads than before.

Engagement is also higher with digital signs, as 70% of people who have seen a digital visual display recall seeing it in the past month. A 2012 study conducted in Sweden also showed that drivers spend more time looking at digital billboards than the non-digital kind.

It is clear that auto dealers LED signs not only catch attention but also increase awareness and engagement.

Reduce Advertising Cost

Digital signs are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including harsh weather. So even when it’s raining, snowing heavily, or steaming hot, an LED sign will continue to work. Direct sunlight will not cause the display to fade, unlike printed materials.

This means you don’t need to have them replaced frequently, saving you money from advertising and promotion.

Reduce Advertising Cost

Remember digital programming? With an LED sign, you can quickly change the content display to deliver real-time updates. Whether a new car is added to the lot or you’re offering a new promotion in time for the World Cup, you can easily update your LED sign and roll out a new message.

Create an Immersive Customer Experience

Outdoor LED signs are available in different sizes and can be programmed to deliver different outputs, including videos or animations of a new truck or a digital display of service and maintenance for a specific vehicle.

Whether installed outside or inside a car dealership, the interactive signage will help improve customer satisfaction, what with perceived wait time effectively reduced.

Wise Investment

With the ability to catch customers’ attention better and reduce advertising cost, there is no question that auto dealers LED signs are a wise investment. Not only does the sign last several years, they also deliver the right message at the right time. So make sure to switch to an outdoor auto dealership digital sign and change the sign content often.

SIGNPROgrammers, INC.

When it comes to LED signs, no one does it better than SIGN PROgrammers. With a reputation as a leader in the industry, creating digital content is something we do well, and deliver beyond client expectation.

We create LED electronic signs with a high return on investment. We know what bad marketing and graphics backgrounds can do to your sales so we provide only what works best for your business.

SIGNPROgrammers, INC offers digital signs and digital sign content that are effective, affordable, and stunning. Contact us today for more business opportunities for your auto dealers LED signs.



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