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Eyes On The Board: 3 Uses For Led Signs To Help Your Business Stand Out

Billboards Advertising and Led Digital Signs for advertisement

It’s true. LED signs are good for your business. But, custom LED signs are better. Because they represent your brand, they have to be tailor-made for who you are and what you do. Take a look at the three most important uses for these signs and how it can help your business stand out.

LED Signs Introduce Your Company

What’s the easiest way to introduce your business to your customers? An electronic signboard bearing your name and logo. The sign should, more or less, reflect your company’s branding.

Custom LED signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats. They can be simple like only containing the logo and/or the name, to a more sophisticated one flashing message content and videos.

Signs Convey Your Message

What can you offer to your customers? LED signs can answer these questions, as they are placed strategically inside and outside your premises. You can run your promos, sales, discounts, menus, and more in order to answer your customer’s questions.

These signs make it easier for the public to know that this sale or promo exists. It is so important to properly and effectively convey your message once you have someone’s attention.

LED Signs Can Help Cut Advertising Costs

Advertising offered by these LED signs is not as costly as say, ad placements on TV or newspapers. You have to buy airtime or space for that. And the thing is, either medium does not guarantee that your intended audience will be able to see the ads you placed.

With LED signs, your cost will center on maintaining the signage and the display. It’s all up to you and/or your marketing team to decide on how long and how often you are to play the ads and replace them.

Who needs traditional advertising when you can rely on word of mouth through digital billboards?

Custom LED Signs Are the Norm

LED signs are more convenient for advertising and less expensive to keep, too. But in a sea of electronic billboards, how does your business stand out?

The key is visibility, appeal, and versatility. Let’s examine each one:

  1. Visibility: Font and spacing are very important for any signboards, electronic ones are an exception. Your signboard should be clear, its letters or message readable even a few good paces away. If it’s a video, it must have high resolution.
  2. Appeal: The color and design must come together to create a visually appealing electronic sign that warrants anyone to stop and look.
  3. Versatility: Because LED signs double as advertisements, maintenance is key. Replace your ads as needed to cater to your customers’ preference or business demands. There’s nothing more distracting than ads that look old or outdated.

This is why investing in custom LED signs is as important as the signs themselves. Having customized ads that don’t contain clipboard images or stock photos adds prestige to the business. Your electronic displays are more memorable than those who have no touch of personality to them.

A Few Changes You Can Make To Your Custom Led Signs

Remember, in business, perception is everything.

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