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Creating Extra Income While your Client Waits

bored in waiting area
How to Make Money While your Customers Wait!

When you hear the phrase: Please have a seat in our waiting area... does that conjure up the image of a couple of kids playing in the corner, cable news or a talk show on the TV. Yeah, that is exactly what comes to my mind’s eye too.bored in waiting area

Try utilizing your waiting room to inform you customers/clients of offerings you have that they may not be aware of.  Offer paid ad space to local businesses. 

Even if your customers are on their phones or devices they will still hear what is playing on your screen! Once your waiting room loop is in place, maximize its impact by using videos consistently to retain your customer base. The loop provides a direct avenue to advertise additional services to existing customers, creating opportunities for immediate inquiries and sales.

waiting room

Extend the reach of your video content beyond the waiting room. You can also incorporate into your website and social media accounts. Cross-marketing your videos enhances visibility and establishes your business as a trusted source in your field.

Video marketing is expected to reach $42.18 billion by 2025, it is a trend worth capitalizing on. Right now, your waiting room is not making any return. If you utilize platforms like YouTube and Instagram to increase your visibility and support your business’s SEO efforts.

Your waiting room loop can also show educational videos showcasing your services. Use your tv platform to spotlight key aspects of your business, such as new products or service specials. Local businesses can pay you to advertise as well. Perhaps you can get advertising revenue from your vendors for playing their commercials on your tv? This is an excellent way to engage your customer in upgrades, products or services they may not have known about.waiting room

You are in complete control of this idle time by utilizing video marketing content for your brand awareness. By entertaining and educating your customers, you not only fill the waiting time but also reinforce your brand. Many of the files can be used on social media as well so you get more traction for your content.

This is so easily to do and inexpensive! Contact Signprogrammers or to see how affordable and hands free it really is. Content can be made for you or you can use pre-designed templates. No expensive equipment needed. Just a tv and a small monthly service for the content player that can be installed in fifteen minutes.  Call and see how easy and affordable it is to make your waiting area a revenue generator room!



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